The ADOG association has for purpose to promote distribution, publishing and promotion of any graphic works, but also literary, artists or writers, little or not published.
 Our goals:
• realization of projects and the publication by publishing or supporting the self-publishing on any support (print, web…),
• diffusion and distribution Aiming at leading cultural actions of promotion of any forms.

The Association (law of 1901) was created in January 2014, by a group of people trying to favor the artistic creations and the discovery of new talents.

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    ADOG  first graphic art book: :

World War II, Story & Uchrony 

Military vehicles 

by Sylvain Ménard  


Discover these boards, concepts and visual creations articulating around the Second World War. This book offers profiles and camouflages of vehicles having existed and some belonging to an alternate reality. 

 “ The book you hold in your hands is the collection of an inspired and multi-talented artist, who proposes here is vision of this very specific genre.
You, like me, will be fascinated and amazed,

Foreword by Paolo Parente, creator of the world of Dust

Art book, edition on glazed paper
100 pages, size 21x29,7 ( A4)               35,00 €

    NEW  revised and enlarged version

 Ebook only, see below.

           Ebook version with additionnal drawings and dioramas available at a very attractive price :


Artists to discover

Artists to discover

       Tiffanie Uldry
       Marc Cervera
       Sylvain Ménard




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